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In my journey, I've learned to value time. I do not rush around unless there is an emergency. I like to take time to reflect, meditate, give thanks, appreciate; the list for me endless. These past 2 days while waiting in line everyone is in a rush, no kind words, no helping, it is really sad to watch this. It takes just a few minutes to breath and notice the beauty around you and in those few minutes, the line goes quicker, the car that sped in front of you after tailing you, is no further when you now arrive next to them. Value time, appreciate time because everything can change in a matter of moments. Take time to reflect, offer kindness, a conversation with a stranger, a smile. Just wish someone a nice day, even if you do not know them. Time is a blessing. I wish you all a beautiful day filled with blessings and kindness. ~~ Cammie

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