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A Widow's Life

People do not understand the new life a widow faces. As time passes and people wane, life goes on as normal but not for the widow. The widow needs to find a new purpose, identity and make meaning out of what the hell just happened to me. Our lives are turned upside down and we face new obstacles alone taking care of things that were once shared by two.

Where do you begin or how do you begin? There is a hidden chaos that evolves, and one tries to muddle through to find an opening. It can literally make you feel so overwhelmed you become paralyzed within yourself and the only thing you do is go through the motions of life. Then one day you find the opening and you begin to live again, not fully, but you push through.

It's not easy being a widow, you're under a microscope with judgments from others who do not understand what just happened to you. People will judge you for moving forward such as if you meet someone, move to a new home; it's seems that everyone will have a comment to make no matter what you do. Block them and their opinions from your mind; live your new life to how you need to; no one is you and no one knows what you've truly been through. Many blessings ~~ Always, Cammie

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