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Acceptance is a choice that comes from the heart. It is when you decide, either to be a prisoner of the circumstances or to fly with hope, towards new horizons. ~~Ligia M. Houben

What is your perception of acceptance? Does it mean finality or surrender? To me it does not mean either; for me it is a door that opens allowing for a new opportunity. It gives the ability to change.

Experiencing a loss is difficult at best. You can find yourself in disbelief and shock; not understanding or knowing how it happened. Being stunned keeps us immobilized, not knowing what to do next. In understanding and accepting the new reality you're able to move forward. Searching for the positive can help you accept your current situation. In every negative, there is always a positive. Sometimes we can find the positive right away, sometimes it will take more time. If you choose not to accept your new reality you can remain stagnate and closed off, but if you choose to accept your new reality, you can move forward and welcome change allowing for new opportunities. Acceptance does not mean you're happy of what happened, it means you're able to move forward. ~~ Many blessings, Cammie

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