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Are you Listening?

One of the most frustrating issues that people face today, is that no one is truly listening to what is being said. We can hear, but the question is, are you listening. Listening deeply to what a person is saying validates their opinion, their thought, the concern that they are sharing. Today people are multitasking and say they are listening, but are they? They will repeat back what you said, but there is no meaning in the recall because they are only hearing. It is important when having a conversation with another person, that you not only hear what they are saying, but that you listen to what they are saying. You ear at that moment is very important to them, it allows them to be heard and it validates what they are saying. So, when someone is asking you if you have a moment to talk with them and you respond yes, put aside what you were doing and listen to what they have to say they will feel heard and you will feel rewarded in listening to them. Have a great day! ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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