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Celebrating Holidays

Celebrating holidays can be difficult for some where it brings to mind missing our loved ones who have passed. It is important to remember that being around family and friends can award us the comfort and support to help us through. It's okay to lean on others for support not just through the holiday's but whenever we need to reach out.

Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is not far away. Often times, Christmas can be harder to get through with all the festivities that take place and the decorations the remind us of our past Christmas'. Think about a memory and write a thought about that memory on a piece of decorative paper and hang it on your Christmas tree as an ornament to help you feel the presence of your loved one. You can also write a poem, create a special ornament and place them on the tree. There are many ways to keep our loved ones close by during the holidays. This may not take away the yearning, but it will help us smile and fill our hearts with remembrance and love.

~~ Many Blessings, Cammie

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