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Children Grieve Too

Losing someone you love, care about, whether the loss is a person, friend, or pet, sometimes it is forgotten that children grieve too. Often their grief may look different than an adult; they may appear to be more angry, irritable, show a lack of interest in activities that they once enjoyed. It is important to explain loss to children to provide them with a better understanding. Do not hide your grief from them as children need to know that it is okay to feel the loss and be able to cry. Suppressing one's grief can show itself in ways anger, aggression, and leave a child in not understanding why they are feeling this way. It is okay to cry, it is okay to show emotion in an appropriate and healthy manner; one that provides and understanding.

We don't always want to talk about what is troubling us; being there and just sitting in silence can be just enough to make a child feel better. ~~ Many blessings; Cammie

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