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Creating Memories

As we go through the process of grieving, we need to allow ourselves to move forward and create new memories; memories that can be shared with family and friends. It can be hard to move forward in this process and create new memories as we can feel guilty and make statements like, I shouldn't be doing this, it's too soon, what will people say. Part of the healing process is moving forward. When we lose our loved one, a part of us dies also, but it is important to remember that our loved one lives on in us. Anne Grant shared a meaningful quote "Grief is a process, not a state".

Grant yourself permission to move forward and create memories. Identify something that you would like to do but were not able. As you create new memories, remember your past and cherish those memories, but remember you don't have to live there; look around today and embrace the new day where there are memories awaiting to be had. Remember there is more life for you to live, trust the process. You may not see your loved one, but you can feel them and they will be with you along your journey. ~~ Many blessings, Cammie

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