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Everything today is so different with how we interact with others. You can't go anywhere without hearing conversations; people have bluetooth devices in their ears, headphones, always checking their wrists as their watches are not just to check the time, but to see who just messaged them. Does this seem overwhelming to anyone? When we think about our anxiety levels it is no wonder that they are high; we never have the opportunity to disconnect from technology; we are always connected. I miss the days of real conversations where voices were heard, people were attentive to the conversation that was happening within their circle. Today, everyone is connected to some form of technology, and no one actually speaks. Think about disconnecting for a day or two; enjoy those around us, feel less pressured to check those emails, text messages; avoid social media. Breath and relax; disconnect from technology and connect with yourself or those around you in real time. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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