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Finding You

After we have lost a loved one, we find ourselves wondering who we are. This is a normal feeling since you were always known as a couple or parent and child. It can be a struggle at times and feel as if you are going in circles. Finding your new identity if part of the grieving process, part of your journey. Journaling is a positive way to write your thoughts or ideas as to what you want to do for yourself, maybe joining a club that you were not able to before or be an advocate for those who are now where you were. There are many possibilities in seeking how to find yourself in this new role.

Making an outline of ideas is a good place to start in determining where you want to be. When my husband passed, I felt out of place because the "taking care of" was gone. I was able to go back to school, something I had never done after high school, and began a care in helping others. This was beneficial as my "missing piece" was identified. I always knew I wanted to help others,

Whatever you decide, be sure to find you in your journey; write a letter to your younger self and there you may find a clue in finding you... ~ ~ Cammie

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