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Finding Your Way

Sometimes the road traveled is difficult; it is a road some choose to avoid. Have you ever thought the difficult road is there for a purpose? When we face a difficult road, we are able to find out what we can accomplish, our strengths. Difficult roads can be viewed as learning curves and as we navigate that road there are many things that we learn, not just about ourselves, but about others. Sometimes the road traveled brings a new perspective, one we never thought of, it brings clarity.

In my own journey and roads traveled, I have truly learned what I am capable of doing. Did I make mistakes, wrong choices; of course, but those mistakes and choices also brought me to higher ground. Take some time today and focus on where you are, where your roads traveled have taken you. Feel free to share your comments! Many blessings ~~ Cammie

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03 jul 2022

Embracing change has helped me to change my perspective and attitudes. Change has forced me to confront old attitudes that were holding me back. Change is usually uncomfortable for me, but I see that it has made me more resilient, more compassionate and more loving.

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