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Good Morning!!

It's a beautiful morning; a time for reflection of the week passed and reflection of the week to come. An old exercise that can be beneficial when we are feeling stuck, is to write a letter to your younger self. You don't have to go back to early childhood, you can go back to last year. What did you accomplish in that year? Are you thinking you didn't? Well, that is not true because you did accomplish more than you think you did. As you engage in your Sunday morning reflections, it will spark your motivation for the week ahead. Set your expectations reasonably, ones you know you ca accomplish. Every day you complete a task - you wake up - you get up - you begin your day; that is 3 very important accomplishments. So today, your first goal is to reflect on the week ahead. Yes, you may face obstacles, but stay positive you will accomplish your 3 goals. ~~Blessings, Cammie

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