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Grief Support

I cannot express how important grief support is. There are many people who are suffering inside because they do not have access to someone to talk to or they do not want to trouble anyone. Do not feel this way. There is always someone who will take the time to talk with you and be with you to allow you to grief. Sometimes people think they need to fix you, but that is not the case. What is needed, is someone to listen, be present in the moment, be a comfort.

When I lost my husband there were no support groups, there was no one to talk to. My mission is to help others not feel as I did. When we offer someone a listening ear, a helping hand, we truly help in the healing process. We know that grief never ends, that we adjust; however, there are still times when a supporting ear is helpful. Whether it is to express that we miss our loved one or to share a memory. I'm here, I will listen, I'll be your support. Many blessings, Always ~~Cammie

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