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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

A question that usually arrives when an individual is grieving, is how long will this last, how long will I feel like this. There is no time limit on grieving. People handle their grief in different ways, the important thing is to handle it in a healthy manner. Sometimes people will refer to steps of grieving such as the steps of when news is given to an individual who is going to die. Although there are the steps in the grieving process, they are not steps that are in any type of uniform, nor do the steps end, they lessen.

When we first learn of a loved one passing, we are angry, in denial, we have a sense of numbness where there is disbelief. Our minds are busy in taking care of the necessary preparations, our grief gets put on hold, and at that point we find ourself at a loss and then the grief begins. Healing from a loss takes time, but there is no time limit. We adapt to a new life, rebuilding, and make the changes needed to move forward. Moving forward does not mean to forget about our loved one who has passed, it means living our life the best way we can, carrying our loved one in our hearts, minds, and spirit. ~~ Cammie

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