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Hidden Talents

Have you ever discovered you have hidden talents within yourself? You may wish you were an artist, a musician, a comic, a teacher - how do you not know that you already possess these talents? It can be a spontaneous moment that you recognize that you have a talent and wonder how you did not see it all along. Sometimes these hidden talents do not present themselves because we lack the confidence in trying; fearful someone will say something negative or laugh at our attempts. It is time to show off your hidden talents and be proud that you have them. Everyone has a talent, it may not be perfect but with practice and determination you get better. Today is the day to begin working on your talents. You never know the gift you can give yourself or the gift you possess within yourself unless begin to believe in you. I believe in you; you should believe in you too. So today, unviel your talent - I bet you'll amaze yourself. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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