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Through the course of our day, we are unaware of the number of people we inspire. An act of kindness, a positive act, watching changes being made; these inspirations provide us or others with what they need to achieve their goals, build their confidences so that they can make a change whether it be within themselves or within the community. Inspiring others is a selfless act and an act that you are often unaware you are providing. Working with individuals and providing them with the encouragement they need is a gift that can last a lifetime. Who will you inspire today? One simple act can encourage someone to move forward in their journey and a step closer to achieving their goals. More importantly who you inspire is often unknown to you, but to them it is a gift they will remember for a lifetime. So today, go and provide inspiration by being mindful in your actions. I hope this message gives you the inspiration to give the unknown gift to someone or maybe it is the inspiration you need to help you in your day. ~~Blessings, Cammie

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