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It's A New Day

Today is a new day to begin with a clean slate. Maybe yesterday you did not feel like doing too much after the holiday; that's okay! Today what will motivate you to accomplish just one thing on your list of to do's? Sometimes we are just not feeling it and we lack the motivation to push through and then we may not feel so good about ourselves. Begin today with a grateful heart and if that is all you can do, you have accomplished a lot. Being grateful can be complicated due to life's circumstances.

As you drink your morning coffee, tea, or juice, close your eyes think of an image that will make you smile and fill your heart with gratitude. Hold onto that image and feel the presence of what you are visualizing; open your eyes and keep that smile. Use this to motivate yourself today to accomplish just one thing. It's A New Day to seek new opportunities. ~~Many blessings Cammie

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