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Journaling and Healing

Journaling has an amazing effect as it lets our thoughts pour out of us. Sometimes it is hard to get going, but if we relax our mind by going to a peaceful and safe place, we'll be able to begin our writing. It may be just a word, a phrase, a sentence, but that is all it takes. We know that grief does not go away, and something that will remain with us, but we can heal, and we can move forward. You may not feel this way at this moment, but it time you will be able too.

In my healing process I would write poems that reflected the love for my husband, my loss, and trying to find a new identity. I would write letters and ask questions even though I would never get an answer, but it led to a sign which provided me with a sense of peacefulness. Try writing in a journal without expectations. Just write - move forward - ..... Cammie

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