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Yesterday I spoke with a little person who shared with me the struggles they face with other kids. It is so sad to hear when a reason for bullying is because they wear Nike's and not Jordan's and they wear the same shoes everyday. We talked about it and they are okay with their shoes, shoes that look nice, in style, they just have a different name. I showed them my shoes and said, I wear the same shoes everyday too; we agreed that we were lucky enough to have shoes. How is it, that the focus is on what we wear, the brand name and not on who we are as people. What impressed me with this little person was their nonchalant attitude and ability to move past it; accept what they have and not succumb to the behaviors of others. My hope is that more kiddo's can be happy with what they have, with what their parent(s) can afford to give them. Let's help our kiddo's change their focus to kindness, gratitude, and being okay with who they are, not in being a display of a brand. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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