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Living Life After Death

A question people have, or a comment made, is how do I go on with with life? It can also be guilt ridden because you can feel like you're under a microscope waiting for someone to make a judgmental comment. A person can be forced into a stereotype of what mourning/grieving is supposed to look like. Ask yourself how can this be? Everyone is an individual who feels differently, allowing them to grieve differently.

One area of difficulty is going out after losing a loved one. It's difficult to mingle with friends, go out for dinner, but the sooner you begin to live life, the easier it is to move forward. I'm not saying get up the next day and throw a party, I'm saying allow yourself to live life; go for a walk, get yourself a coffee; whatever it is you can do to get yourself motivated. This is hard to do, but motivate yourself to move forward in life.

Many Blessings ~~ Cammie

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