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Morning Reflections

There are perfect moments in the morning where you can stop and just reflect on life, what the day will bring, new hopes or opportunities; the list is endless. One of my favorite past times is sitting in the morning and listening to sounds the favorite being the birds singing their song. When the birds sing so does my heart. I like to believe that my loved one is right there and singing a song. There is a peacefulness that comes with this thought and will often bring a smile to my face. I feel comforted and not alone; it gives me the strength to go about my day knowing he is with me in spirit.

When we feel comforted and supported it can motivate us, lessen our anxiety and keep our thoughts in a more positive light. Yes, we may still feel sad, depressed, or anxious, but we have some motivation that allows us to move forward. Morning reflections is a great opportunity to obtain the strength you need to move forward in your day. Think of something that will help you move forward today, just one step can make amazing strides forward. Have a blessed day! ~~ Cammie

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