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Moving Forward

We wake in the morning, and we can feel unmotivated or wanting to stay in bed and hide. Allowing yourself to do this can prevent you from moving forward, especially if this is a daily occurrence. Allow yourself a few minutes to draw within yourself to get up and start your day. Just getting out of bed is an accomplishment; motivation begins, we move forward in our day.

I remember when I first lost my husband, I would want to stay in bed and hide, but I could not really do that because I had children to take care of, they were my motivation. I would sit and have my coffee, and a bird would be sitting on the rail of the deck. This is when my motivation began because I would want to get up and wait for the bird to come because that was the sign of my husband visiting. Sometimes the bird did not come which was sad, but I felt if I continued to do things throughout my day other signs would come and they did.

Moving forward can be difficult, but in time it becomes easier. However, you have choices to stay stuck in your bed or move forward and look for the signs. What would our loved ones want us to do? Move forward and begin your journey <3

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