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Rainy Days and Motivation

Once in a while it feels good to have a rainy day. It can be a day that forces you to do what you've put off or it can be one of relaxation and reflection. I for one like the occasional rainy day and will welcome it. I may curl up on the couch with a good book, watch a movie, do one of my crafts. Listening to the rain tap on the window provides a relaxation and calm, it allows for reflection and inspiration. If you are having a rainy day, stop and listen to the rain tap the window and find your inspiration to motivate you to begin the project you've been putting off or come up with new ideas for a new project; think about the week ahead and the goals you'd like to achieve; maybe you'll want to jump in a puddle. Rainy days do not have to be dreary, they can be inspiring, calming, and relaxing. Enjoy your rainy day - I'm going to enjoy mine. ~ Blessings, Cammie

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