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After a loss there is a struggle that disallows one to move forward; feelings of sadness, anxiousness and lack of motivation are typically the causes. We find that it is easier to avoid but avoiding just encompasses those feelings. Rebuilding begins with finding a simple task, one that will give us strength and encouragement. Once we find what will motivate us to move forward, the rest falls into place.

Feelings of anxiousness can leave one feeling paralyzed and fearful of moving. It is important to ward off the paralyzing feeling by pushing forward. When feelings of anxiousness occur, stop and reflect on your happy place where you feel safe, hear familiar sounds that make you smile and relaxed. Guided imagery is a technique that I teach and encourage and over time the ability to utilize this technique will lessen your anxiety and help you in moving forward in your journey.

What is your happy place and how can that motivate you in moving forward and rebuilding? Reflect today and find that safe haven where you can feel, see, taste, smell, and hear and when you are feeling anxious, sad, or overwhelmed, stop and go there in your mind; notice that you are breathing easier and a sense of calmness if covering you. Find that place so you can begin to rebuild. Many blessings ~~ Cammie

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