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Rituals and Grief

There are many ways in which someone can process their grief. Some enjoy meditation, reflection, taking walks, writing, talking to their loved one(s); these are rituals. Let's focus today on writing; writing is a process in which your writing cleanses the souls. Writing is a way to express yourself and allow for healing. I often suggest writing a letter when missing your loved one as it allows a connection between you and them. In writing a letter you are able to thank them for being part of your life, express your sorrow or anger that they are no longer here, expressing what it has been like since they've been gone. Letter writing is a ritual that is helpful in moving forward.

Maintaining a journal is another form of a writing ritual. You decide what you want to be in that journal, and it is okay to have more than one in order for different expressions to occur. For example, one journal may be your angry journal with a forgiving page, another may be a memory journal where you're sharing memories ~~ almost like a memoir.

Writing is a powerful gift and one that allows for expression of your feelings. You do not have to share it with anyone, it is yours alone. A writing ritual creates a way for you to cleanse your soul, allowing for healing. What ritual will help you? Many blessings ~~ Cammie

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