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This morning I began with my usual routine, but then I skipped a few steps and then immediately went to "my day will be different now". With this thought I began to think that maybe a new ritual is what is needed; something different can bring different opportunities or insights.

When we face a loss whether it be a death, loss of a job, relationship, our ritual/routine will change. When a loss happens, we need to come up with a new ritual/routine. Although rituals and routines are somewhat different, they can also be somewhat the same in certain situations. To begin out new journey we need motivation to occur otherwise we will remain stagnant leading to sadness/depression. Starting a new routine can also cause us to become anxious because we are starting something new. You may experience negative thoughts such as I did this morning, but I was able to turn it into something positive. With positive thoughts come positive energy allowing us to maintain motivation and seek new opportunities.

Ask yourself what part of your ritual/routine needs to be changed or how can I create a new routine to ensure a positive day. Write down your routine and see what may allow a difference to be made. Should you become stuck, think about it as seasonal change. Don't you do something different when the seasons change? Motivate yourself to try something new and see if this helps you in moving forward in your journey. You have this! Many blessings ~~ Cammie

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