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Running on Empty

Do you ever feel depleted, where you have no motivation and feeling overwhelmed? This can occur when we are doing more than we can manage; it's called burnout. Burnout can cause you to feel tired, lethargic, sad without knowing why. To avoid burnout, it is important to recognize the symptoms and engage is self-care. Taking 10 minutes a day to breathe, feel the fresh air, take a walk, can alleviate these symptoms and prevent burnout. Our bodies and minds are not designed to run on empty. Drinking water can help replenish our energy and give us what we need to move forward. This time of year, many of us run on empty with trying to ensure we have everything we need for the holiday. If you are running on empty the holiday will come and you risk being so tired you are unable to enjoy. So, in these next few days of leading up to the holiday, be sure to take at the minimum 10 minutes to replenish your energy - talk a walk, feel the fresh air, drink a cold glass of water - maybe a piece of chocolate. Don't risk not enjoying the holiday by running on empty. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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