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Save The Date - Self-Care

Self-care is an important piece to your ability to move forward. The expression of you can't pour from an empty cup is a true statement. When feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or sad, it's time to go into your tool box and find what will help you feel better.

We've all seen Save The Date cards for weddings, birthday parties, gatherings - how about you draw out your own Save The Date card with a special treat for you! When you have something special to look forward to, you can motivate yourself to move forward knowing that YOUR special treat is getting closer.

Today, find something that you would like to do for yourself, draw up a special card, and post it to your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, dresser - and motivate yourself to move forward. Enjoy the exercise - it's a fun way to celebrate you - You're Worth the Celebration! ~~ Many blessings - Cammie

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