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Staying Motivated

Everyday allows us the opportunity to stay motivated. Whether it is a new goal, a new thought, challenging ourselves; we can motivate ourselves to accomplish one thing on our list. Think about your routine in the morning, what is it that you do? Take some time to think about your day and make a plan. Start with creating your list and what is needed to be accomplished in the day; add a goal of what you would like to begin - maybe a walking routine or the beginning of a project, a new book. Once you begin a task and complete it, it changes your thought process to do more. This provides you with strength and the motivation you need, not just for this day, but every day.

Staying motivated allows you to build from your sadness; with each step forward, you become stronger and better able to begin your journey of moving forward. What is it that you will do today to move ahead; maybe it's picking up that book you purchased and getting lost in the adventure. Remember just one step forward is an accomplishment. Many blessings ~~ Cammie

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