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Tale of Two Paths

Have you ever come to a fork in the road and had to make a decision which path to take? It can be very scary since we are not sure what is at the end of the chosen path. Sometimes we do not have the opportunity to turn around to make a better decision; however, we can learn to adapt and make the best possible decisions with the choices we have made.

I have chosen the wrong path on a few occasions but with those choices, adapting and using my mistakes as a lesson has allowed for improved decisions/choices. Sometimes the wrong path motivates us more to get back on track and eventually we come to the place where we would have landed if we took the other path initially.

Another way in looking at the chosen path, is the purpose of the decision. If you believe in a higher power the chosen path can be meant for you to teach a lesson, make you understand how strong you are and/or to prepare you for what's to come. No matter which path you choose there is always a purpose and a lesson. ~~ Always, Cammie

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