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The Act Of Kindness

In such a busy time and the unknown of what's to come, our anxiety can be heightened. Excessive worry of the unknown causes our anxiety to rise with the effect of irritability, jitteriness, lashing out at things we typically pay no mind to. Awareness to others is unknown because anxiety cannot be seen; it is not a physical impairment and therefore goes unnoticed. So many individuals suffer from anxiety, and they are viewed differently than someone whose impairment is visual.

Today in your journey, take a few moments to smile at someone, let the person go ahead of you when you meet at the crossroads. Take a few moments to breathe and think of what you are grateful for, you too may be feeling anxious and not know why. Enjoy and stay in the moment; do not think ahead where the possibility of creating a false scenario has chance.

Random acts of kindness mean more to people than you realize, after all these are strangers and we do not know what ails them. Be kind, you may be the reason someone has a great day! ~~ Many Blessings, Cammie

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