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Unexpected Blessing

Sometimes we are surprised with a simple occurrence and the unexpected blessing it brings. Thinking of someone or something and then suddenly you see them, hear from them, or find an object that brings you to the person, the memory. Are these coincidences, maybe, but maybe they are more. It is these unexpected blessings that make you smile, laugh, and feel blessed.

Unexpected blessings provide you with new hopes, new thoughts, and motivation to move forward. It's like a contagious gift that you just want more of these unexpected moments because they leave you feeling wonderful inside. When receiving these unexpected blessings, stop and reflect on the time, the moment, the item, and simply say thank you whether it is to your spiritual being, the universe or to the opportunity the unexpected blessing provides. Have a beautiful day my friends and may you receive Unexpected Blessings! ~~ Always, Cammie

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