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What Will Today Bring?

Everyday is filled with promise and hope despite what is going on. There is always a positive in a negative, but it may take a bit for you to realize the positive, especially when we have heavy hearts. Today, lets reflect on our hopes and the possibilities of what our day can bring us. When we practice this, we are opening up our minds to positive thinking; motivating us to move forward. If we just do this for a short time, then you have fulfilled a task and opened the door for a better day or moment. What are some of your hopes for today? What is something that will give you inspiration? If today you think of one positive memory, word, thought, hold onto it and when you begin to feel sad or lonely, go back to that positive though and feel the positive energy it can bring. Today I wish you all beautiful moments, hugs, laughter, and a great day! ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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