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Why Gratefulness

Do you ever wonder why people are always saying, just be grateful? Sometimes we don't feel like being grateful because we may have had a terrible day, month, year; things in our life are not going as we had planned. It is okay to have these thoughts and feelings, but I will tell you that at the end of the day, saying I'm grateful for today, is more beneficial than you may realize.

I began a nightly routine of saying I'm grateful for this day, even if it was a not such a good day. By being grateful you allow yourself to put the negatives of the day behind you and provide yourself with the clarity of the positives that occurred throughout the day but were unfortunately overshadowed by those pesty obstacles. Try doing this for a week and see if you have better days where the obstacles don't seem to matter.

Being grateful and sharing your gratefulness within the universe is catchy; not only does the universe catch it, but those around you also catch it. You'll see them trying to grasp the positiveness that you are now carrying without realizing. Share the gratefulness and your day as well as others will be brighter. Start at this moment by saying, I'm grateful for this day! ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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