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Finding Life After Loss

The question we ask ourselves after we lose someone is, what do we do now. So much time was spent with our loved one in taking care of them, doing activities with them, visiting with them, that piece of our life becomes an empty place, and we find ourselves lost and not knowing what to do with that time. Sometimes individuals feel guilty for filling that time with a replacement because it can mean moving forward and we may not be ready to take that step, or just simply missing their presence. Use that time to reflect on memories shared and finding out who you want to be.

You ask the question, Who Am I? You can answer this question by self-evaluating; ask yourself questions like, what do I want, what activities would I like to do, do I want to travel? these are just some questions, but you may come up with more. Once you have your answer you can move forward in your journey. It's important to remember, you do not have to do everything all at once; take time by prioritizing, pace yourself; enjoy your journey.

I'll close today with a quote from Napoleon Hill ~~

The first step to carrying out a dream or change in you is desire.

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