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Filling The Void

There are parts in our day when we hit a lull; we feel as though we are missing something but are just unsure as to what it is. How do we fill that void? The first thing is in trying to figure out what is causing the void. It can be anything from the loss of a partner, a job, a friendship, but sometimes we are uncertain. Using motivational thinking processes can help with filling the void. Something that can come from using motivational thinking are new ideas or a desire for change. It provides us with the clarity needed to move forward. Begin by making a list of what you believe would be helpful; let the juices flow with ideas or just one idea as we need to be careful not to overwhelm ourselves. Just one thought can create the motivational step you need to push forward.

Have you ever thought that the lull's we feel or find ourselves in, is just what is needed to continue our journey? It is in these moments that we can remain in the place we are at or push forward to see what is instore for us. Lulls can be the push we need to achieve. It is difficult at times to feel the needed motivation which is why we begin with one step - creating our list and making a selection from the list. Remember every step is an achievement in filling the void. Begin today with your list and feel accomplished. You may not fill the void today, but staying on the path will bring you closer.

Filling voids are not replacements to what we have lost, but filling the void allows us to persevere in the new role that we find ourselves. The journey is not easy, but maintaining our motivational thinking gives us the push in order to persevere. So many qualities within ourselves can be found when we work towards filling what we find empty. You can reach new places that you did not realize you had the ability to reach. Motivate yourself in filling the void; it won't replace what you've lost but it will help you in your journey to move forward. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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Feb 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent read!

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