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Let Go and Breathe

When we are feeling a bit anxious or feeling overwhelmed, it is important to reflect upon what is causing this inner turmoil. Are we trying to manage too much? Are we making all the decisions and choices even though they aren't ours to make? Do we find ourselves feeling out of control of our own situations that we deflect and attempt to manage situations of others? Sometimes there are things that happen that are beyond our control.

If you're feeling this way, ask yourself if the situation is yours to control and are you avoiding situations within your own life that need your attention. It can also be you can't control the situation within your own life. If there are situations manifesting within that are not yours to control, push it out of the way. This is when you need to tell yourself this is beyond what I can control, so I will pray, let go, and breathe. ~~Blessings Cammie

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