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Finding Comfort

After a loss we often find ourselves in a cloud, unsure what to do or how to do it. I remember when I first lost my husband i didnt allow others to see my pain and I put up a front where people just weren't aware of what I was feeling. Back then the resources weren't what they are today and there was a lack of understanding of assisting one with their grief. But what I've learned is to help others identify their pain and offer guidance in their ability to express their thoughts and emotions, being supportive by allowing others to know im available for them. Some people find comfort in private grieving, crying while in the shower or going for a walk. Sometimes private grieving is where you may find your comfort. The goal is to allow yourself to express your emotions in how you feel comfortable. Find your comfort place to help you get through your day and process your grief in a way that's helps you express your emotions. Please know that I am here to help if you need me 💛 ~~ Blessings Cammie

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