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Grief and Healing

There are many ways to heal when we are grieving. I'm not saying that grief goes away, I'm saying that we can heal and move forward. Healing comes after we have processed what we have gone through and accepted that our loved one has died. In saying this, it is the body that died, not the spirit or the soul. This is what I think, you may think differently.

Once I accepted that my husband died, I kept him alive in my mind, my heart, and my soul. I would talk to him for guidance to help me go through obstacles. I felt better and I still seek him out today; he is my strength; he continues to believe in me. Maybe you're saying, did she really heal? yes, I have but I still grieve him because I miss him.

Grief and healing is a funny thing. My healing has allowed me to move forward and work in his belief in me because without his belief in me, I would not be able to share with you, help you, and be supportive to you. In order to help others in this same circumstance that we are in, we have to heal. I hope this makes sense to you all and helps you. ~~ Many blessings, always - Cammie

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