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Grief and Motivation

Greif and Motivation - you may be thinking how do the 2 of these connect. Grief, as we know, is like the ocean - never ending and ebbing and flowing. It is necessary to motivate ourselves to push forward through our grief. Yes, it may take a while, but when we motivate ourselves, we are able to feel a little better. We are able to begin to pick up the pieces and return to some type of normalcy. I use the phrase some type of normalcy because now we are establishing a new normal.

When my husband first passed, I still found myself making 2 cups of coffee and setting the table for 5; it took a while but eventually I fell into my new normal. I will admit even now I slip when getting coffee, but that usually occurs when I'm thinking about him or feel his presence. I often chuckle when this happens, but it is a happy chuckle, nonetheless.

Motivate yourself every day to engage in something new; something that you wanted to do before but were unable. It's okay, you'll find that you're able to set your new norms, patterns, and walk through your journey.

Bless you all today and everyday ~~ Cammie

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