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Grief Coaching/Motivational Coaching

Grief and motivational coaching is a service that can provide techniques to assist you in processing your journey. As a grief and motivational coach, I utilize active listening skills and other techniques to help you motivate yourself to move forward in your journey. Having experienced a loss myself, I understand the pain and struggle in rebuilding your identity and suggestive guidance. Grief is not just related to death; grieving is also a loss of a job, relationship, divorce. The same techniques are used to help you continue on your path.

Another area that I work with is anxiety; teaching attunement and self-regulation. Anxiety can be a component of grief. Learning how to self-regulate your anxiety is an important factor in your ability to move forward in your journey.

As an experienced clinician I do offer these services. Coaching does not have to be a weekly occurrence, you set the pace. I do offer different packages, take a peek, sign up for a free consultation and see what works for you. ~~ Many blessings, Cammie

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