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Grief Silence

Grief silence - what is it? My definition of grief silence is one of 2. I define grief silence as sitting without any distractions waiting to hear a familiar voice that I will only hear in my mind. Sometimes this can make me sad and other times I imagine what it would be like to have a real conversation. My other definition of grief silence is that of reflecting, reflecting on past memories that I pull from my heart.

Last night on my ride home from work I was listening to my instrumental music and in my mind, I was figure skating with my husband - mind you neither one of us could ice skate - and we were skating so beautifully. I loved the feeling, I could feel him, I could hear him, I could see him smiling at me. I allowed myself to grieve silently in a way that I could help myself feel better in the moment. It allowed me to remember that smile, that peculiar, yet special, look he would give me. It triggered a memory of us, being together. Sometimes this grief silence is what is needed; try it sometime, it may be what you need to get you through a moment, a day, or just bring a smile to your face. ~~ many blessings Cammie

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