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Grieving and Social Interactions

As the holidays approach it can be uncomfortable for those who are missing their loved ones. It is important to allow the grieving process to take place and especially not to rush the process. This past week someone was talking to me about their partner and the loss of their partner's father; their comment was it's been 15 years they should be over it. No one should ever be told this; grief stays with us and we process and cope as we go through; the loss stays with us. My response to this person was that my husband has been deceased for 31 years and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him or recall a memory when watching a show, especially one he would have liked. The person looked away and changed the topic. If you are at a place where there is someone grieving, do not shame them for their feelings and definitely do not tell them they should be over it; instead share with them a memory of that person, one that will bring them comfort and peace. Social interactions can be a difficult time for those who have lost, be patient and be kind to everyone for you don't know what they are feeling inside. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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