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How Do I

How do I get through my difficult days is a question that we ask ourselves when we are facing moments of sadness, preparation for gatherings, milestones; the list goes on. Honestly it can be a struggle, but it is important to be a part of these special events. What you carry in your heart will see you through. As we embark on our new journey we create a newness of memories, choices, joy, and hope. Ligia M. Houben said "HOPE is being able to see that there is LIGHT despite of all the darkness". While on your healing journey, remember to give yourself your "me" time; reflect on memories, write letters, meditate, listen to music - allow yourself to connect with your inner self, it's part of the process. When you connect with your inner self it allows you do get through the 'how do I' times/moments. Practice this exercise and reconnect with your inner self. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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