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It's The Little Things

In life I have come to realize that it is the little things that matter. It is the time spent with friends and family, the conversation over coffee, a lunch date; it's not the designer this or the designer that. Life is hard and when we lose the best of what we had, we learn it's those little things that matter most. Interestingly enough this thought takes time realize because we are so determined to fill the void that we feel. Working through the void is difficult but yet easy at the same time. Once we open up and come to the realization of what is important, we breathe easier, we gain clarity and can feel the presence of what we've been missing. Gaining clarity is was places things into perspective. Today, reflect on what you need to fill the void in a healthy manner. Maybe it is having a friend come for coffee or tea to just sit and let you express your feelings, your thoughts, your needs. Sending you many blessings today, Cammie

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