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Motivation Monday

Good morning! Today is Motivation Monday! What will motivate you today? Maybe a walk, a call with a friend, reflection, journaling? whatever it may be, utilize today to begin your week. When we are grieving Motivation Monday is not something we want to hear, but it is something we NEED to hear. We need to get up and begin to live. Getting out of bed is a big step. Have your tea or coffee and reflect - that's motivation, right? Yes, it is, because you got out of bed!

When someone has surgery, the nurses have you up and out of that bed within hours. To lay in bed can cause more harm than good. A simple walk, a change of scenery can provide you with the motivation you need to get yourself up and going.

If it makes you more comfortable, set out 2 cups and imagine yourself sharing a tea/coffee with your loved one. Talk to them, let them know how you feel now that they are no longer here. It is okay to be angry with them, they will still be with you in spirit, in your heart, in your mind. One of the things that motivated me was to see if the bird would show up on the railing of my deck, I knew that was a symbol of my husband's presence. It got me up and out of bed and once that happened, I began my day by doing at least one task. Try this exercise, get up and out of your room. Life awaits you! Many blessings ~~ Always, Cammie

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