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Moving Forward But Feeling Numb

It can be difficult to move forward when the feeling of numbness is within us. It is a paralyzing feeling and difficult to overcome. Somehow the light needs to be found where to locate the key to motivation. Feeling numb is part of your grief; you're still in shock and in the stage of disbelief. You may not be ready to find your key in that moment; however, there comes a time when you need to move forward and reach for the key to motivate yourself to carry forward.

We find ways to remember our loved one; maybe creating a memorial garden, a section within our home with pictures. Reflecting in these spaces we've created helps us find our way and motivates us to move forward; reflection can bring about guidance, make us feel as though we are not alone. Carry your loved one with you in your heart; wherever you go they are with you.

Take time today to move forward and release the numbness. As the warmer weather approaches think of new opportunities to help you in your journey. Look for the signs because they are there and use them to help you move forward. Many blessings ~~ Cammie

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