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Reaching For The Stars

Here we are in the middle of February and time continues to move quickly. How many goals have you reached thus far? If you haven't that is okay! What can we do to achieve at least one goal? We set a goal that is attainable by placing our expectations where they should be, not so far out of reach that we give up. Setting small goals and achieving them motivates you to establish another goal. Goals do not have to be by the end of the year, you can make goals daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you feel you are able to achieve. You set the pace, the timeframe and you'll be sure to achieve your goal. Today, identify one thing you want to have completed by the end of the day and see how you do. Always remember, you've got this, you can achieve what you set your mind to. Share you goals in the comments this will inspire not only yourself but others. Remember you are are the Star! ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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