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Ready for the weekend

What motivates you to be ready for the weekend? With longer days and warmer weather, there are so many options. It is a great time to get your flowerpots ready and filled with the season flowers. Think of things that make you feel good. A favorite past-time is sitting on the porch with a good book or knitting needles in hand and enjoying the warm mornings and smelling the beautiful flowers. It is a very comforting feeling, one that brings a reduction in feelings of anxiousness.

Finding things to do is very simple with technology on the ready. Search your social media pages to see what is available in your area. If you have had a busy week, maybe just sitting and enjoying the quiet is what you'll plan to do. Whatever your plans, get ready for the weekend. It's a time to re-group and erase away the stressors. Enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans. Many blessings - Cammie

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