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Sight of a Cardinal

This morning as I was walking, I heard the birds singing. Such a glorious sound. I love to hear them as I feel hopeful, encouraged, happy. As I continued walking, I saw a cardinal and they looked directly at me and then flew across the street to another tree. I was intrigued and continued walking to the sound of more birds singing and then I saw more cardinals. I said good morning to the cardinal, actually called the cardinal by my husband's name, and then said a prayer for the cardinal to visit others.

The sight of a cardinal fills my soul and reminds me that my husband is still around, guiding, protecting, and encouraging me to carry on. In walking my own journey, I have used these symbolisms as a tool to motivate me to continue to live my life to its fullest. Although, my loved one is not physically with me, he is with me in other ways, ways in which I know he is with me always and enjoying my life with me to its fullest.

When your heart is feeling heavy and lonely, talk to your loved one and they will send you a sign which will make your heart full and allow you to smile. Your sign may not be a cardinal and can be something else, but when you see it, you'll know it was them. Many blessings, ~~ Cammie

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