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Staying Calm in the Midst of Anxiousness

Do you experience high feelings of anxiousness? Do you feel overwhelmed, unable to get out of your own path? These feelings can be crippling, causing irritability, sadness, fright. You do not have to feel this way, as there are techniques that you can utilize to ward off these feelings. Try this - shut your eyes and think of a place where you feel safe, a place where nothing can upset you - your own protective bubble; keep your eyes closed - what do you see, what do you hear, what do you smell, what do you taste, and lastly how do you feel? Stay there as long as you need to; monitor your breathing and notice that it is more regular, the panic and overwhelmness is beginning to subside.

Try this technique to relieve you of your anxiety. Although this may not work the first time you try it, just keep trying and it will work, you will feel better. You can practice this at any time and feel the calming effect it brings. Let me know how it worked for you! ~~Blessings, Cammie

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